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The Platform

Medal Platform is a coalition loyalty platform aiming at rewarding the customers of various retailers with virtual currency called Medals (MDL) rather than with points or another gift-like paraphernalia. The Medals are easily exchangeable through the Medal Network physical stores or on-line payments.

The logo that I created is simple enough to be scalable and at the same time complex to become a base for the complicated design system running in the back. The core of the entire visual universe is the currency sign and the currency identity. The coin that I developed strengthens the link with the physical world as well as carries the message of money-like convertibility . 

Medal Identity CurrencyID.jpg

The Launch

The Platform was launched simultaneously on multiple channels starting with online warm-up phase which left much of the consumers with the impression that new financial currency is on its way.

Medal Coming Soon BW.jpg

The Platform at Work

Once launched the platform was accessible through mobile and desktop devices, making the mobile device a central piece for earning and redeeming Medals. The main instrument for gaining, using and storing one's Medals is Medal Wallet - an app that utilises the user to be in control of his medal wealth 24/7. Marketing- and communication-wise Medal Wallet is the main brand speaker while the Medal currency was treated as an instrument.

Medal Identity WalletID.jpg

The App

The design of the app aims to create a unique brand experience of the user leaving them with a feeling of security and futurism. The overall inner design system is based upon utmost simplicity both as navigation expectations and UI/UX design. The typography and colours are equally simple and concise leaving the user at their sole purpose of using the app. 

medal wallet app design 2.jpg

There is a strict design guide from demo screens, introducing the app's visual language and generic platform sense, through main app menu, transactions reviews, detailed analytics, left menu till the last icon and font.

medal wallet demo screens 1.jpg
medal wallet demo screens 2.jpg
medal wallet demo screens 4.jpg
medal wallet intro main leftmenu.jpg

Medal Wallet web site identity carries slightly different but consistent identity using the same resources and design codes.


Visual language used across the entire platform in mobile, desktop, off-line communication.

medal visual id icons.jpg

Medal is a holistic platform - it stretches far beyond Medal Wallet - it includes other sub-platforms where businesses may maintain their merchant or advertising activities. These are just a glimpse of the visual identity of those sites.

medal universe visual structure.jpg