TIDIT Logotype

TIDIT is an innovative provider of consumption enhancing digital services. The company’s services are designed to add value to the process of consumption both in people’s lives and in businesses’ operations. The brief for their logo was simple yet most complicated: to create a logotype that transcends the joy of life with tech and digital feel. My approach was a logo and identity that may live long and untouched giving a great ground to build upon. The pixelated style allows myriads of interpretations and the colour vibration promises optimism and fun into business.

Nowadays to create a logo to wow away the audience is hardly believable especially in the cases of B-to-B identity and communication, however, an identity that bundles gracefully the entire visual world of the company rarely goes unnoticed. My approach to the TIDIT id is off-white with dash of colour. Simple and elegant.

The TIDIT merchandising style follows the closely the total look and feel. Unexpected treatments of the garments and plenty of white rule the company's fashion.

The logo may migrate as filling thus allowing endless possibilities of humorous and playful interpretations. From "Danger" stripes to "Taxi" squares, from "Moiré" effected to "Maze" chase, you name it - being a witty, clever and with a smile always helps, even in the toughest times.